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Originally Posted by dcaron999 View Post
I have about half a bottle of OEM #83220397244 x-drive TC fluid left over from the E83 2004 X3 I just sold, and was wondering what you guys think if I use this in my "new" E46 2002 330xi?

I also have half a bottle of Redline MTL fluid left, and 1/4 bottle of Royal Purple Synchromax.

The TC's between the xi and x-drive are different of course.

Which is the best for the xi TC within the above fluids?
Originally Posted by GCoop View Post

3 -- Redline MTL in the Transfer Case is what I used. My research found that MTL matches the OEM fill (MTF-LT1) spec closer than the Redline D4 did. 1qt will be more than enough. You will use 1/3 max.
X3 TCs use a chain E46 XI TCs use gears. That is why the OE fill for the NV124 was MT fluid.
There you go

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