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Help me figure something out...

So I dated this one girl for a several months and then I just slowly started losing interest and stopped talking to her in the past month or so. This has happened to me in the past few years with several other girls as well. Normally I'll lose interest in a girl because she wasn't stimulating me much beyond the physical aspect (lack of mental and psychological stimulation) like because they weren't ambitious or we weren't on the same level as I am. However, the last girl had a lot to offer besides the fakies... She had a graduate degree, ambitious, a had good career, was sweet, independent, and a great relationship with her family so that's what is causing me to wonder why I lost interest in her. I've had serious relationships in the past, including being engaged with a girl I was with for 3 years (we moved in together and realized that we couldn't live together). Ever since mutually ending that engagement, I have tended to lose interest in the girls that I date faster and faster (especially after having intercourse). I'm wondering if it's because that "challenge" of "hitting it" is gone that causes me to lose interest. I'm just not sure if it's me or the girls that I date or a combination of both.
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