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Originally Posted by aniolPL View Post
Not so many problems. The major was transmission(automatic thats why). The oil burned out I could prevent this, but I was young and stupid. Transmission failed at 165K. What I remember I changed air intake tube. The rest; normal maintance stuff, oil changes, tires etc. I didnt do anything since my tranny was changed. Last week I changed the valve cover gasket(was leaking) which I paid $38 with tax at the dealarship. Did that myself, and now I am preparing to do the oil filter housing gasket (probably next week) $5 at I will do this by myself also.
I have bought the transmission at Bavarian Auto Recykling ( )
I paid $1000 for the transmisson ( looked like new) and $350 for the "Lifetime warranty and 2 years labor"
Transmission change did cost me $2000 with everything (oil, labor, shipping, warranty and transmission)
I think I'm gonna keep my car till the wheels fell off. Its in better condition than many E46s with (lets say) 80k miles. In punctuation from 0-10 I would give it 8 (my opinion). I wont never buy another car than BMW

I've changed everything you mentioned here myself too. Planning to hit 200k if I can. My next car will prolly be the X5, I'm getting too old for the coupe.

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