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lol, what I find funny, everything is developed to make us that much more lazy. Seriously, think about it. all these wonderful automatic things have been created to make life "easier". In actuality, it does nothing but make us lazy and expecting more of the same.

imo, I don't even use my steering wheel controls. while cool, I don't even remember I have them unless I accidentally hit them. the SSV, I could care less about. it is annoying to me actually. If I knew I could shut it off, I would have a long time ago when I bought the car. since I knew I was upgrading, I didn't care to look into it.

oh well. you can't make everyone happy and nothing is perfect. That is life.

And dang it, I won't have my unit until tomorrow. Unless the UPS driver calls me and meets me somewhere today. UPS won't hold it or anything until they have made one attempt to deliver. either way I wasn't going to install until this weekend anyway.
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