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Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
Dude I had a hour long talk with my best friend in New Orleans this weekend walking around Burbon talking about this EXACT thing.

The girl I was dating was crazy beautiful, she was fun, smart, hot, great in bed, and utterly insane. But as a smart guy who won't admit to himself "I like the drama" because thats retarded, I have come to the conclusion of I LIKE A CHALLENGE.

One of my BEST chick friends is beautifull, doing a post-baccalaureate Bio Medical Science Degree at my school (pre-med), shes smart, fun, easy going, cool as hell, ALL my friends like her..but I have 0 attraction to hanging out with here is awesome but its like hanging out with one of my guys...but why?

He told me "Dude, how many awesome/cool/self sufficent/hot chicks do you have in your life? A lot right? so why aren't you dating THEM and instead only dating the crazies? Is it the fights and adrenanline rush that makes you feel alive and keeps you there? Are you in it for the Challenge?"

As soon as I heard that it all clicked in my head...I'm a really mental kid and I CRAVE a good witty battle, something I can conquor...I just like the challenge about her...she is young and insane and maybe in a few years she will be really cool and I'll have 0 interest in her then..

Being 23 I just like a challenge..but unfortunately with work and night school I don't really have time to date LOL
The more that I think about it, the more that I think it might be the challenge that drives a part of the attraction and once I realize that the challenge is gone then things get boring for me. Just like you, I love a clever, witty girl that can keep me on my toes mentally. I definitely can't be with those passive types (the ones that say..."whatever you want" or "whatever you think"). I like a girl with some spunk and fiestiness to keep things interesting. I'm about 10 years older than you and I get some much flack from my friends (most of whom are married and/or have kids) and a mom who wants grand kids before she gets too old.
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