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I think it's time you saw Dr Phil.

But on a serious side, you should also keep in mind that even if you find a girl that you have good constructive arguments (as opposed to destructive destroying arguments) with and get married, after a couple of years of this, it can turn into a deadly combination. So arguing is good on one hand to clear the air, but relationships shouldn't be based on how stimulating the challenging the arguments are. But also along the lines of what Green Shine said, you may just not be ready to settle down yet or really found the right one for you. Listen, my family though I was gay because I never brought any girls home for them to meet or talked about them, but that was only because I could always tell when I met a girl whether or not it was going to last or not, and the simple fact was that I wasn't going to bring home a girl I knew I was never going to get serious with. But then I found the one and bang I brought her home and within a year we were engaged and then married the following year. So at the end of the day, when your ready, your ready, and you'll know if she's the right one or not.

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