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Originally Posted by Honro View Post
Well as far as i know i dont have the factory NAV - if i do, there is no option to use it...

All i have is the factory double DIN head deck that came with the vehicle.

Jezz i hope that makes sense. Im assuming the Fakra runs from somewhere in the boot/trunk to the head deck, if so, where in the boot can i look for the amp?

Sorry for the newbie questions, just wanna be 100% sure.

Well.....thats not a newbie question as I dont think any of us have seen that head unit before! Looks the same as our Nav setup here in the US however, so following the above advice, take a look in the trunk and see what the plug looks like back there, you will likely need the fakra cable. Maybe take a pic and post it here for us.

by the way, I tried to return your email and it bounced back??

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