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Originally Posted by rover220 View Post
Doesnt matter where she is from, as long as she doesnt sound like the typical asian chick during sex, they all sound like they are in pain
Im currently dating a Chinese chick, although she may be loud(er) than quite a few chicks that I've been with... she doesnt squeak or sound like she's in pain.

Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS View Post
asian women are the worst investment from a physical standpoint....
no matter how hot they start out they all end up frumpy and pear shaped with thick legs and hindquarters by age 40. all asian moms look the same. they just don't hold their value like some other women.

Originally Posted by CJPatel View Post
Filipino for me, I wanted to hook up with this one girl in college soo bad. She was such a tease, inviting me out, back to her place, then nothing. One of the sexiest bodies, 5'1, 100lbs, 34Cs, perfect legs, etc. Sorry no pics.
Been to the Philippines twice this year... they definitely have some good looking women there.. Not dime a dozen but still quite a few.

Originally Posted by Ynot View Post
40 is a good age, but more like 60, there isn't much change until then, white women go down hill after 25, Latina's after their first baby,
Korean women are overrated, anyone can look hot with tons of make-up. A lot of them are materialistic. I can't love someone who can't love themselves. Eye lid surgery, nose surgery, etc to look more western. If I want those features, I'll find myself a white women.

I don't like to rank them, I like them all, if they have what I am looking for in a women, ethnicity doesn't really matter.
Every woman comes across a step in her life where everything just goes downhill from that point on.

I do afterhour club night in Los Angeles, where a big portion of our costumers are Asian... pretty much all there are listed in the poll. Let me tell you, a lot of them are good looking. Granted, the ugly ones probably dont go out...

As far as my Chinese girl, she is great.... freak in bed, cooks, cleans, respectful, down to earth, my parents love her, and gets **** does when needed with no fuss unlike some of the other races that I've dated.
Oh, and she is 5'10".
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