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haha...GI Joe time.....nope sorry, I dont know why but for some reason the V5 is 24 hour only, ill ask dynavin if that is something that is set in stone....

I asked Dynavin about the bluetooth/Nav deal and basically I have bad news for you....its a hardware limitation, the bluetooth overrides all other functions (which makes sense, it is a phone system after all). But because of this you cant leave the bluetooth streaming function and have it continue to operate and thats exactly what going to Nav does...I realize that the other audio functions operate while in nav mode but they are running off a different piece of hardware and dont have the override function of the bluetooth. In the couple times where I have been in a situation where I need to use the nav and I want to continue to "stream" I just plug into the aux in or the ipod plug for a hard connection....not perfect but its a lot better that no streaming and no aux in on the factory system!

Just looked back at your aux in plug....what kind of phone are you streaming from...

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