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Originally Posted by DSpencer18 View Post
Is the strut bar worth it? I mean it looks badass, but does it help at all? After I sell my new dinan (HERE) (that I haven't used) I will buy the intake!
It's only 1.5 pounds and does the same thing as the heavier (some are as much as 10 pounds) and uglier bars, the only one that I would say rivals this one is the UUC Magnesium bar at 2 lbs. I'm getting it because I have a stiffer suspension than stock and don't want to fück up my towers, plus any additional rigidity and strength can't hurt... it definitely has to help, but this is a whole 'nother debate that like the one about making power off an intake.. some people say it doesn't others say it does... I say it definitely can't do nothing... whether that's a noticeable difference or not, I'll report back, but it sure as hell looks damn good.

Alex is right, it depends, it's definitely worth it to me.

A strut-bar is a finishing touch kind of mod though, like the last piece of the puzzle, it's usually not the first thing you do. If you want major change upgrade your suspension and/or get swaybars.

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