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Originally Posted by tony325ci_51 View Post
The problem: Standard ramps are too steep for low cars.

The solution: Make some pre-ramps from a solid length of wood 7cm square (or 3" x 3"). Each is 17" long.

The wooden pre-ramps can then be moved out of the way if you wish to use the front OEM jacking point for a jack or stands.

Remember to put the pre-ramps back in place before backing off, and back down slowly to avoid the suspension compressing when you hit the pre-ramps.

I won't post exact dimensions as your ramps may be different (my blue ramps are from Halfords), you would have to measure to fit but you get the idea.
This is awesome! I have been trying to figure out how I am going to get a jack under my car after I install my new suspension, looks like I will need to make a few "mini" ramps.
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