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Originally Posted by BadBoostedBmwM3 View Post
I remember Vik posting a speedo vid of him going well past 150mph with like ~900whp on youtube.
I think this would be a good indicator for the tractionless guys.

Chris (HPF), it looks like your 100-150 time is around ~8 seconds according to that graph.
Yes I did! This was with about 30psi, I haven't tried it with 35psi yet. No vbox, I was just driving home late one night and found an open stretch, used my iphone to record. I think I can get a 4.xx 100-150 time. Here it is in just 5th gear. The speedo is pretty accurate here because i was running the 275/40/17's which are taller then stock diameter. My speedo with the 295/45/17's now read even lower, my speedo says 65 and vbox shows 70mph real time.

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