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Originally Posted by mach3-30 View Post
ordered the 545i short shift lever and the bearing for my 2002 300ci with m package, then installed it.

now here is the funny thing....

after i took out the original shift lever from my car, i put it side by side with the 545i for comparison....
they are the f*cking same, the distance from the pivot ball up and wtf?

im dead sure that my shift lever from my car is bone stock. anyone out there having the same outcome/result as i am?

my shift lever and bearing were still in good condition, but taking the stock shift lever out, i damaged my bearing by trying to turn it "counterclockwise" (inside the car), but should have been clockwise a 1/4 around then use a flat head popping the outside edges out then pull it upward to remove the shifter. the 545i shift lever is nothing different from my original one, height of the knob (uuc rk6a) and the throwing distance is still the same. EVERYTHING IS THE SAME!!! (i was hoping that the knob would sit lower, like the smg knob)

if anyone want the 545 or my original one, pm me then. i currently have the 545i shifter on the car now

attached is the pics of stock lever and the 545i lever (yes i checked the part number)
When you say "yes I checked the part numbers" what do they say?

Also looking from the pictures, one can CLEARLY see that they are NOT the same. They sure do look similar but not the same. You can clearly see that the distance is a little bit longer but not by much.

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