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My Ride: BMW E46 320i '99
330 stock lever is the same as BMW Performance Short Shift lever, they do have same part number, so this is short enough as this can be,
lower part has almost maximum possible length otherwise it will touch driveshaft . Pictured 25 11 1 434 113 (mach3-30 stock) was replaced
by 25 11 7 527 257, this is 100% BMW Performance lever part number. Maybe 545i lever has slightly longer lower part, but you can't feel this on 330.

But another situation about 320/323/325 (not sure about 328), here is comparison between 320/323/325 stock lever with 330/performance lever (new one),
so you will have significant shorter lever movement. So you may choose to put 545i or 330/performance lever, result 99% will be the same. Just FYI.

I've recently installed 330 lever to 320 (read 323/325) and got much shorter gear change, here you can find video if interested

This post about 5-speed transmission, 6-speed has another part numbers.
Regards, Sergey -- ST034, ST039 technical data from BMW AG, better know your E46

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