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I've been searching a bit, can't seem to find much... It unfortunately looks like a bottom out but this isn't the lowest part of the car which I would expect to get nailed, and its also sort of backwards - I mean to say: if i bottomed out onto something and ran into it would the front where you see the crack appear not be smashed out / indented too? I can't say for sure as I've only had the car since mid~2007 ... and never bothered to take the plastic stuff off the bottom before and look... Whenever it broke, its been broken for a while there was lots of corroded aluminum there... which is basically metal which puffs up and flakes off /away ....

The exhaust headers are wet from WD40 as I was getting ready to pull the motor and put in a zhp 330 ... but since I saw this I stopped and wanted to know if this is something that commonly fails but just no one bothered posting because the XI numbers are so few....

In either case I'm going to replace it - I'll keep the old one and have it welded if possible and push the bushing back in and see if it splits..

I believe the rear diff plug weeps a bit too, I remember seeing this on a few of my friends BMW's I've been under too (older ones). I'm sure some plumbers tape in the threads would slow it down, but its never enough I've ever seen a puddle from it...

Let me know if there are any other thoughts?

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