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Originally Posted by turbo911cm View Post
Sorry, I dont think you should compromise your safety in order to save money. Go with tested brands like Stoptech and Brembo. K-Sport might have a fitment for you, but my money is riding on them not performing at the same level as a Stoptech or Brembo kit. Sure they will stop you once or twice from a high rate of speed, but I sure as heck would not trust them on a race track.

Just my .02
I did alot of research before buying my BBK and did consider Brembo etc but came accross some very good reports for K-sport. Their BBK's actually have a good repuation here in the UK and Europe and have been sold and used on track for many years with no issues at all!

I know of a guy that has run Brembo, AP and Alcon on a CSL and found performance on road / track to be indiscernible.

Don't assume that the BBK is the same quality as their rubbish coilover that seems to be popular in the states - it's actually a sound product if you can get over the name .

Anyway, this is just a heads up on a good deal, - don't take my word for it plenty of info on the net.
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