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First and foremost, as I discussed on our call yesterday, I am tremendously sorry that this is taking so long to get to you. When you originally placed your order, I estimated a 2-3 wait time because your spoiler had to be custom painted. Your car is a brand new car and it took a couple days for the paint shop to come up with the paint.

We inspect all of our custom painted products and it was spotted that the spoiler wasn't painted properly. Instead of sending you a poorly painted spoiler, we sent it back to be redone. As soon as I was notified that the spoiler had to be repainted, I contacted you right away and notified you of the same.

I have tried to be efficient with our correspondence. A lot of times I have to wait on answers from a third party (USPS, BMW, etc.) and don't want to call you just to tell you that I don't have an answer. I do apologize that some of my replies have been slow; however, I have replied immediately to you upon receipt of replies from said third parties.

Unfortunately, I did make the mistake and charged you in USD when I should have charged you in CAD. I admitted to my mistake and offered a resolution that I thought was more than fair. I offered to refund you $40 USD for my mistake and for the time that it has taken for us to send you your product. Further, you are not committed to our product. Even though it is being custom painted, I offered you a full refund yesterday for what you paid.

Your spoiler is being shipping through USPS. Unfortunately, since it is coming into Canada from the US, they cannot guarantee a delivery date for me, considering it might get held by Canadian customs.

As I said yesterday, I am more than willing to refund the transaction completely and stock the spoiler here. However, I think my refund of $40 was more than generous to compensate for your extended wait time. Thanks Nicolas.

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