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Originally Posted by Teenee View Post
My story is...... I have 220,000k miles on my 328CI when the reverse gremlin hit! I drove it, lo & behold I had reverse again! The BMW mechanic I sometimes have to use, said it's the tranny, needs to be replaced 2-3-4K. The tranny shop said just a matter of time before the D goes out, needs to be replaced 3-4K! My friends say time for a new car...

My question is how do I figure out what fluid to get, they are pretty specific.
I can't wait to fix it now! Thanks so much for the post! Great info on this web site!
The very first post in this thread gives several links out to other information, one of those links is to a fluid guide.

I replaced the TCC solenoid a few thousand miles ago, and I've had no repeates of No Reverse. The solenoid will fix the problem in all 2000 328s, and 323s built before Mar. 00.
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