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OEM shocks typically have a life span of 50-70k miles depending on how you drive. Seeing how your car is over 100k miles it may be a good idea to do an entire suspension over haul. One of the more popular setups have been the H&R Touring Cup kits are not merely a 'matched' spring and shock package, but rather a specially engineered 'solution' with springs and shocks being engineered individually in every application. This takes the guess work out of your spring and shock selection, and provides you with an application specific, precisely calibrated spring and shock set designed to deliver improved handling, uncompromised ride comfort and sleek styling in one precision engineered package. I'll shoot you over a PM with more details!

- Alan
Sorry to threadjack but can you please provide me with a list of parts needed for a suspension overhaul? I've replaced FCAB's, ball joints, and links and it stills handles like cr*p and rattles like crazy over bumps... I am looking to do tie rods next but I don't know how much that would help. Any suggestions/lists would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
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