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Originally Posted by IluvMy328i View Post
Solly, I know you're not that dense.

It increases your chances of winning, you and I know it. That's not to say the occasional dark horse won't creep in, but their chances of doing so are far less.

Don't be 'that guy'

Sounds like it happens every year. There are MORE "dark horses" that's what this link states. 4 out of the top ten payrolls are in the playoffs.

The numbers don't lie dude. It may APPEAR to increase your chances but it doesn't. Look at all the stats with the other sports. The only one that doesn't put a limit on the amount you can spend has the most variation in championships.

It's all relative i guess. If the phillies had a 50mil payroll they may not even be close. The study is simply saying that "just because you have the money to spend, you can't expect to win"

I'm convinced you didn't even read the link.

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