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We have now shipped over 150+ bumpers with the bumper bonanza we are running, each person is asked regarding insurance - bumpers are no exception and Tim did ask you about it.

I have looked through our emails to you no one was condescending to you!
Insurance is the responsibility of the customer at the time of purchase, if you don't purchase it, we don't purchase it for you. This policy is in place despite how well we package our bumpers and use the most secure way of shipping it (we've had less than 1 bumper in 200 get damaged in shipping).

Further, you received a free gift, if Tim promised you something different, send back the free gift and we'll exchange it for you. A promise is a promise.

Here's what I wrote to you:
Second email
Anthony forwarded this to me to help you out.
Iím out of the office today. But I can help you with this since Iíve done work on these sorts of things myself.
1) it doesnít look like itís actually as bad as it first sounded, while your second picture is very fuzzy, your first one is good enough for me to tell you that itís going to work out just fine.
2) If your shop is trying to charge you more than $20 to fix this, go to another shop, it takes exactly 1 minute of Liquid plastic to reattach what you show in the first picture Ė and a 2 second plastics solder to strengthen it. It shouldnít take him/her any more time than it would to spray the bumpers.

Our return policy is on the site Ė terms and conditions Ė stuff like this is covered if there is insurance for shipping purchased. It wasnít unfortunately on this shipment, but thatís not how we treat our clients. We will work with your bumper installer to help explain how to install this so you are not inconvenienced.
First Email
You didnít speak to me on the phone, you spoke to Tim, he handled your order and our policy is to request insurance at the time of purchase. If you did not request insurance, itís unfortunate.

Now, before you get too upset or disappointed further, there are some things in life that really affect the way your satisfaction is, and some things that shouldnít. Your installer is entirely incorrect about how hard this is, it isnít, and itís a minor inconvenience that shouldnít even affect you directly.

We do appreciate your business and hope to see you happy with the product.
If you still wish for our support, contact us via email or phone.
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