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That is a flat out lie.

Tim never asked me if I wanted to add insurance to my order when I spoke with him for over 15 minutes on the phone. Besides, how would you know? Were you on another line with us on a 3 way conversation with us?

Bottom line is this whole order seems shady. No one from Umnitza asked me if I wanted to add insurance. It never crossed my mind once. Consequently, I assumed a bumper being shipped from CA to NY would have insurance.

I'm now screwed with a messed up brand new bumper. I will never do business with you again. You won't care because you're a sponsor on several sites.

You're flat out lying and that's the worse part about this.

At least have the decency to say you guys never mentioned insurance to me. At least give me that. Sheesh.

I'm not dragging this out any more. You guys screwed me. Now I wonder why Tim offered to give me free bulbs in the first place- am I special? I don't think so. Do you guys send out free bulbs with all of your orders? Hmmm.

Now go ahead and call me ungrateful. What is this world turning into? You can
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