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Originally Posted by slimwest1 View Post
well, I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and have the shop put on the front springs and struts. They wanted 3.5 hours to put the front springs on so I'll have to see what they want with the struts included. It would stink to have to pay for the labor twice in the long run. Having them do an alignment sounds like a good idea too. Thanks for all of your advice!
I have H&R + Bilstein Sport... VERY harsh on bad roads, on good roads it is 100% AMAZING, but I live in an area infested with cracks & holes in every road, so I wouldn't buy this setup again. To me, it would be worth spending much more $$ to get the performance of what I have BUT keeping the comfort of OEM. I am waiting for a warranty replacement rear shock tomorrow, it will be nice to get rid of the CLUNK over every little bump. (one clunked a bit from day 1, noticed leak about 6 months after install)

If it were me, I would let the shop install all 4 corners. The rear really only takes minutes, so it shouldn't add much to your labor bill AND it may make them happier that you give them the whole job + alignment.
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If it was anything longer than a shock install, I would not say that, but for the $30 or so it's worth it.
To be honest, I'm betting they could install all 4 within the time they quoted you for the front, so maybe they would charge way more than I assume for the rear...
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