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Originally Posted by m1356guy View Post
if you think baseball is boring to watch you just dont understand the game...and thats fine, but it's not just some guy trying to huck a pitch up there and hope it's a strike...there's a science to pitching and hitting in certain counts.

you wouldn't understand, it's a baseball thing
Well, I grew up playing and following the game pretty closely. Once I stopped playing (unlike football) I lost interest in the sport as a fan. Yes, many would like to point out that they think football is as slow/boring, but when compared to baseball I just don't see it that way. Plus, the MLB season is painstakingly long.

My favorite time of year is when the World Series comes around, b/c that means my SportsCenter time won't be polluted by all the baseball highlights/coverage

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Doing drugs and having sex... oh wow big deal. Well it is actually a HUGE deal.

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