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I have always debadged all my cars and trucks in the past. I think it's so stupid to have all that writing on it. I mean, all people really need to know is to see the logo, but the rest is just stupid. I also do not know why people advertise from the stealership they buy it from by not removing that stupid frame or any badges that the selling stealership uses.

I've been on the fence whether to debadge my bimmer though, but I think it is about time that the 330Ci badge bit the dust. It just throws off the balance when looking at it (just like that retarded single tow hook on the back and front bumpers--couldn't BMW have just put two of those to balance it out?!?!) and if they really need to know what kind model is it, then they really are not into bimmers or that they know how to Google.

This weekend, it will be debaged. What I do notice when I have debaged my other cars and trucks is that the silhouette is still left behind. No matter how much I polish it or make sure all the tacky and foam is cleaned off, the silhouette will just not die. Does anyone have remedies for this?
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