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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
JB- I respect your opinions and knowledge immensely.

However, I managed to kill an OEM BMW right front axle installed by the dealer in less than a year. I installed a Chinese axle next, and killed that in a few weeks. The reman axles I installed are holding up great a year later and were less than $100 each. So in my opinion, reman axles are the way to go- even if they both crapped out on me today.

Also, I have no stake here, although I'm fairly certain you make more money selling BMW axles over Chinese or reman. I have nothing to lose/gain except knowing the other xi guys get good advice.

That's what i would do- or get a 36mm socket and give it a try.

Actually I make more money selling the cheap axles!!!! I only get 20% of list from the local dealer..... there is more money to be made on the Cheap axles. it is not a money thing for me it is warranty and my reputation on the line.

Also most of the time we replace just the boot clean and relube inner and outer. I try to replace very few axles...

FYI a more expensive part rarely means more profit.....

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