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LOL nice setup (if 2x6's can support houses, they can support your m3) clean ride though, tasteful mods as well
Originally Posted by M Shark View Post
Those are the exact ramps I was considering back then but decided to cheap out and build my own. I couldn't afford them at the time but when I get my finances straightened out and priorites paid off, I'm getting these. I've bought 2 sets of cheap low profile ramps in the past but I still rubbed on them. So it was either the above race ramps or building my own.

Here's the one's I made. If you have a slammed car and have a ground clearance of anything above 1.5 inches, this will work 100%, The only downside is that they are heavy and bulky, portability is out of the question and having a 2nd pair of hands is a must to lug these around.

EDIT: This is how the ramps look when put away. 1 is upside down on top of the other one. It becomes one solid peice of piled lumber. lol

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