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A1 Cardone vs BMW axle?

Originally Posted by pcdsl View Post
Here is a photo of the remanufactured one (A1 Cardone) I got.

I've heard generally good things about this brand of axles.

There are two axles in your photo. Please tell us where each came from. They look identical to me.

Is one the original axle you are replacing? Were the CV joints worn out? If so, how could you tell?

Some aftermarket axles have the "shield" molded as part of the body while the original axles use a separately-formed metallic shield that presses onto the collar of the axle. The axle I replaced (see photo in my earlier posting) is the bottom of two axles--it is an aftermarket version, I believe. Its shield was molded in to the body. Are the shields on your two axles molded in (plastic) or pressed on (metallic)?

I ask these questions because there is no branding information anyway on the axles I've had in-hand and I'd like to be able to identify the real BMW axle when I see it.
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