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Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Great work Kubica! Thanks for the continued pesting. Glad we have our own little neighborhood now!

So how did the diff swap go? Still planning a 6 speed swap too?

As for mine, is just my daily driver...I decided against any big mods. Instead, I splurged and picked up a '02 M3 as a fun car to mod!
Yeah I finished the double diff swap about 10 months ago. It's been perfect to be honest. I love the extra acceleration and gas mileage hasn't really taken a big hit either.

I'm still planning a 6 speed swap for the future when my clutch goes eventually. I know there was another forum member from Norway who pulled one off, but he needed a new TC also. So my thinking goes, if I was putting in a new 6 speed tranny and TC, why not throw a 3.0L motor in there at the same time, right? But then common sense says just save up for an M3 like Mark M. Feel me?
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