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Originally Posted by omg_miiiike View Post
@kuruption, no offfense or anything.. But you couldn't give me that car with pictures like that, is it really that hard to put 15 minutes aside to wash the car and take better pictures??
no offense taken bro. It actually is very hard, because the car is 400 KMs away from where I am right now...

I was going to post info without pictures, but I thought something is better than nothing. At least it gives an idea of what the darn thing looks like.

I shall post pictures early next week when I'm in Syracuse again.

Apologies for keeping you waiting. I will make sure I get as detailed pictures as possible with all the damages, along with a video of the general car's mechanic condition. The only thing mechanically imperfect is the squeek from the roof locked in the compartment as it doesn't sit perfectly together due to the molten fabric. I might get my hands on a spare roof soon so that should be taken care of as well. it's a couple of hours job.

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