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Originally Posted by ZZen330 View Post
The 2008 5 series headlight and taillights are fugly IMO. Also curious why you like driving an automatic? Is it just a city traffic thing?

After 6 years of driving, this summer was the first time I got an opportunity to drive a manual transmission vehicle (a 1992 SR5 V6 Toyota 4Runner with 120k miles in mint condition) for a day. I got to drive it off road as well and I admit "stalled" the clutch a few times at the beginning but by the end of the day I was okay with it. I could see how guys could feel macho about it, it makes the entire driving experience feel serious and grown up.

However now that the whole driving a manual tranny mystery is over for me, I still don't see the big deal when it comes to BMWs.

BMW's Steptronic set up gives me enough driving pleasure as is. I won't go "out of my way" to get a manual car but if the car I really like and want has a manny box in it then I would buy it. But what tranny a car has is not a make or break option for me.

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