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Originally Posted by steven747 View Post
just like i already said.... it happens but not to everyone. but its a risk i would not like to take being rattle kit install will run you a buck and a half. honestly i have never seen dynos from aa's software but it worked 100% for me. my friend has a 350z with intake and ive been a car and a half behind him with headers, intake, and pulleys. got the tune and im literally inches behind him now. ive yet to beat him but im thinking if i do 1 more legitimate upgrade that ill have that z in a basket. i can take a video of it possibly but i never took a before vid. im sure its the little bit of power but the rev limit increase is also very nice to. and think of it as you would spend a lot of money on individual tunes and tweaking for different mods here and there when you get them.. you have all your upgrades and AA can tune it for just about anything you have bolted on. and apparently there's no down time with aa software you can flash it on the spot.

and fyi: AA sticker looks better than a shark
I'm going to go against my first impulse and try and explain this to you in a less harsh manner.

The Shark Injector doesn't cause the vanos rattle, cams do, and it's usually exclusive to ZHP and Shrick cams. I've yet to find one thread claiming a vanos rattle in conjunction with using Shark, so don't lie to push a product. It doesn't help the OP, and it doesn't help the community as a whole.

Further more, I gained 14whp DYNO PROVEN with a shark and intake, and have yet to find ANY dyno data (provided by shark or otherwise) proving the gains of AA software. Jim C. on the other hand, has made a database of dynos for every car and every injector he he sells, not to mention the most powerful N/A cars on this site use SHARK software.

And I'd be wary of AA's claims of tuning for your parts, how would they be able to measure the A/F ratio and airflow of one intake vs another, or header, or exhaust, or proper cam timing vs stock cams on your car without it being present? Just like Shark, AA uses a cookie cutter tune which may, or my not be better. But without data all we have if fanboy hearsay.

Finally, Shark is a flash module, you can do it in your garage in 20 minutes. AA requires you send them your email to flash it. No thanks.

And I don't put stickers on my car.

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