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Originally Posted by zaharias View Post
So do you still have your oem wiring for the speakers or have you changed it?

Excellent DIY, you love what you do & you know what you re doing!! Well done!!
First off, thank you for the compliment!

As far as the wiring goes, I assume that you are talking about the OEM amp-to-speaker wiring. I kept the OEM wiring. I used 16-ga to go from the OEM HK amp to my new setup, then back to where the OEM HK amp would send info to the speakers...but from there it's all OEM. Sub, of course, has all new wiring as I bypassed the HK sub completely.

If I could snap my fingers and have all new 16-ga, I definately would! But I asked myself the following:
1 - how much power is going to the comps?
2 - how much of a PITA would it be to run all new wiring?
3 - how horrible is the OEM wiring?

I answered them like this:
1 - ~40w/ch...not that much
2 - Extreme, and with permanent "damage" (although it would be hidden)
3 - Not too bad, really. I don't know about non-HK, but the wiring in my car was prob 18 and 20-ga. That's acceptable, though not ideal.

Bottom line - if I were to do it again, I'd do it the same way.
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