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olive oil was always my go to ingredient for literally EVERYTHING i cooked, even growing up (my family exports olive oil from italy so you can imagine)... However at 120 cals / tablespoon, i was adding way too many calories to my daily intake.

I walked around whole foods yesterday and picked up a couple things that were like 50 cals per 2 tablespoon. I rarely ever marinate my food (besides simple salt, pepper and lemon) but Sometimes i need something to excite it up a little bit.

I bought these wraps that are like 50 cals... much more convenient to wrap up whatever I'm eating rather than plain, and 1 or 2 tbsp of some Very Very Terryaki really kicks up the taste. (Theres only so much mustard I can tolerate)
Very high in sodium, but I dont really care about a little extra water retention... plus I drink a soild 1.5 gals of water daily to offset.
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