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new AA headers are in..... and let me tell you they really are amazing. will install tomorrow... they share the same basic pipe design and form as the ebay headers but that's where the similarities end.

some key differences between the AA headers vs the ebay headers that i had previously..

1) the AA header ports are HUGE. they are as large as the ports on the gaskets... in comparison the ebay headers have a much smaller diameter that is more in line with the actual port of the head. we will see whether i feel a boost in power or a loss of power as a result of the larger diameter ports...either that or the torque curve will be shifted farther to the right for a bit more midrange (i think this is the most likely scenario). one thing is for sure, on a modded head with a ported exhaust side, the ebay headers would be junk.. although that doesn't apply to me right now, it is something to keep in mind for the future

2) the pipes are both advertised as t-304 stainless but the AA ones are significantly thicker than the ebay ones. i would almost be bold enough to say that the pipes on the AA headers are double the thickness of the pipes on the ebay headers that i had.

3) the welds on the ebay headers looked decent, however the welds on the AA headers weren't even in the same league. they looked thick, strong and very precise.

something that i will say... do i honestly think that these differences make the AA headers worth so much more than the ebay headers? probably not... there is a huuuge price difference; although labor rates and material quality are vastly different when it comes to these headers i don't think it accounts for the price difference..

with that being said, i do think the AA headers are worth it in that they almost completely guarantee that the headers will be a 1 time job... vs the possible failure of ebay headers.. **runs to knock on wood** lol
-Azlan *I want to be like CD330*

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