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Per my PM with the OP. Thanks for insulting my intelligence and becoming overly defensive over a simple question.


THE CAR is the price of wrecked m3s... at this price it is going to need work.. even if you pay for gold tires, you will have way less invested in this than any obd2 m3 for sale... The dash matches the car plenty well. THE DYED INTERIOR DOESNT COME with the car man. I already said that and it says it in the threads. The interior matches plenty well and is MINT. The struts work, but you want to replace them someday.

This is for sale for $3800.. if you are concerned, buy it with the coilovers on it for $4600. You cannot get new struts and springs for $800. It comes with the damn window regulator, just replace it. There is no exhaust issue. The exhaust pictured doesnt come with it. The problem is with the hangers on that exhaust, not with the hangers on the car. With the stock exhaust on, it fits like OEM. And really... you are complaing and trying to price down a $100 set of mirrors...

Fine.. I will sell you the car for the price I was asking of $7800 with brand new VMR wheels (18x8.5 and 9.5), brand new tires all around, pro painted mirrors, 3 sets of wheels, the mint black interior (mint as in i havent seen an e36 with this nice of an interior in the NE), the window regulator fixed, and $1300 coilovers that were used for 2 months.

BTW. I was kidding.. I wont sell you the car because you are an idiot.

Originally Posted by turbo a4
I was not attempting to insult your price in any way. I apologize if you took it that way but I was merely seeing if you were slightly negotiable. The car needs the mirrors repainted, has a dash that doesnt match the rest of the interior, struts, dyed seats and this is in addition to the exhaust issue, window regulator. I'm not lowballing by asking if your willing to negotiate but again I apologize.

Originally Posted by northmiler89
It doesnt need exhaust hangers. The stock exhaust fits just fine. It also doesnt need etc etc.. It needs tires and a window regulator, thats it.

You can barely get a wrecked e36 for this price. Hell I would be surprised if you could find a wrecked e36 at this price point.

You get a gorgeous, great running car for $2k less than anyone around is asking for this year vehicle.

Do some research on e36 m3 prices in this year, color, miles, etc then come back and insult my price.

Originally Posted by turbo a4
Hey, I would like to come take a look at your car if still available. I'm traveling on business until early next week and it will be tough for me to get there until the first weekend of Nov. I may be able to work something out to get there sometime during the week.

With that out of the way I do have some additional questions regarding the car. What would come with the car at that price? It needs exhaust hangers, tires,window regulator etc etc, are you willing to adjust the price for these items?

I look forward to hearing from you and if you would like to reach me in a more efficient fashion my email is Thanks in advance
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