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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
thats why we are here! Still pushing to add a couple more features...
Great job you guys. Looking forward to more features to come our way via firmware updates. Will enabling Steering Wheel control for the USB be in the next update? Just noticed the other day USB isnt SW controlled. Not a rant..not a biggie. it'd be a bonus if it is/will be.

SW control (vol up/down/mute, prev/next track) for the radio is great. Love it. Also noticed the radio-nav vol combo improved a bit. I hear and understand when Amy speaks now even at radio vol level 4. One downside is sometimes the radio signal drops on some stations. I'd just press the prev or next button to change station then back and I'd get the signal back. Not sure if the last firmware introduced a new bug or it was just random radio signal interference. All in all, Im enjoying the DVN. I find now Im more driving with my hands on the s.wheel controlling the DVN unlike before where I was continually reaching my hand out to the unit,,adjusting this, adjusting that.

If I were to put a $ pricetag on my DVN the way it is now, I'd say ~$1k
Hope she outlives the car.

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