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Originally Posted by murph1379 View Post
Just to clarify, a flash != piggyback. A piggyback intercepts sensor signals and changes them to achieve the desired outcome.

To the OP - if you're 17 and stretching the budget for a tune, don't bother!

As far as I can tell most of what the Shark did for my car was to make the throttle response more aggressive at the low end, which I find really annoying. (harder to be smooth on the throttle!)

I've never heard of a tune that really did much, and I don't really understand why AA can't flash a car similar to the Shark. Are you actually reading the tune from the car, modifying a few values based on that tune, and sending it back? Why couldn't a device like the Shark be made to do this? Silly.

And lack of Dyno? Seriously, what respectable tuner doesn't back it up with a dyno? The E46 is in no man's land in the area of tuning, it's ridiculous. If there were an AA shop within 300 miles of Minneapolis I might consider it, but mailing my ECU somewhere isn't an option.
yea im not trying to stretch my budget, i make about a grand every two weeks...i just hate throwing it into my car and just going on a buying spree.

i cannot of said it more perfectly. EXAMPLE>> i wanna get exhaust for my car so i type in remus in youtube and i get 2 search results. one is on a camera phone...really? Then I type in eclipse exhaust and everybody and their uncle posted a vid of one.

and im about 22 mpg stock
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