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I see you're from Portland. Funny thing, I lived in PDX for from 95 to 07, and in 96, got a 325ix, mostly because I'd always wanted one when I lived in snow country in upstate NY, but couldn't afford them when they were that new, (and drove RWD BMWs most of that time).

I had the iX for a couple of years but rarely got into snow with it.

Now I live in Ellensburg, and had a AWD company car until recently. Now that I really NEED an AWD, I'm stuck with RWD (until tomorrow). Always seems like I have the wrong car

BTW, I dodged a couple of bullets. Almost got an Audi, and was seriously looking at Volvos. Finally came to my senses.

BTW, I hear you on the wisdom of youth (I'm 53).
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