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Originally Posted by TwoDuckDad View Post
My problem is that, while I am moderately mechanically capable, I don't have the time to commit to the project should anything go wrong. Others on this forum have suggested the front strut work is a 6-7 of 10 on the difficulty scale. If I had time and another car to drive in case the project took too long I'd probably do it myself. I travel each week for work and if the work isn't finished by Mon at 5am I'm screwed.

I was looking at this set as an option and may ask my dealer if they'll install it. Alternatively I may ask a local indy shop with a good reputation. If they charged me 5 hours labor the total price would be reasonable for what I'd get.

Additionally, I think too many people have taken their car to a dealer who found something else wrong besides the problem they took the car in for and blame the dealer. Do you think they broke something just to fix it? I'm lucky enough to have a great dealer (Rasmussen BMW) in Portland, OR with an outstanding service guy who has treated me very well.
Wouldn't that be stiffer than OEM? I am hearing people would prefer to stick to stock for that reason. Not sure if xi are any different in handling. May be the extra AWD weight may have something to do with?
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