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Originally Posted by castaway View Post
i just received the 220 tonight. i actually didn't know there were 2 different part numbers, assuming there is just one 3er rack.

anyway, first impression with a quick test on my Coupe is that everything lines up just fine.

i'll install it tomorrow. will report back. stay tuned.

oh, and tischer also does not make a distinction between Sedan/Coupe/M3.
Yeah I ended up ordering the 220 (OEM roofrack) as I found it cheaper than the 221 anyways and as you said it should work fine on coupes/M3 as well as sedan.

Also got the Yakima snowboard/ski holder from my link in the previous post for 75 bucks!

Got to get my winter tires now.

Let me know once you get it fitted that all is well.


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