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yes but found most of the input useless. "I have the "abc123" setup and love it" doesn't tell me squat. Too many people post useless info on forums. I need something similar to a stock set up or adjustable so I can select the best ride for me. Funny...after a bunch of threads and a few people commenting on a particular set up some will say "Well, it looks like the best set up would be the "xyz456"" just because a few people have made claims about "loving it". Interestingly, even the online vendors don't offer info comparing their suspension components or kits to stock or describe the best use for a particular set up.

Have I missed something? What is the best value (quality & price) that will offer me a similar ride to stock. I don't track the car and don't want a stiff ride. Sure, I appreciate the handling of the E46 in the curves but don't want to make the suspension stiffer than stock...nor do I want to pay a premium for OEM equip if aftermarket is available that better suites my needs.

Thanks for any input. Hope to do the same for you soon.
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