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Originally Posted by TwoDuckDad View Post
yes but found most of the input useless. "I have the "abc123" setup and love it" doesn't tell me squat. Too many people post useless info on forums. I need something similar to a stock set up or adjustable so I can select the best ride for me. Funny...after a bunch of threads and a few people commenting on a particular set up some will say "Well, it looks like the best set up would be the "xyz456"" just because a few people have made claims about "loving it". Interestingly, even the online vendors don't offer info comparing their suspension components or kits to stock or describe the best use for a particular set up.

I find everything you say on this forum completely useless. You know nothing about e46's or BMW for that matter. And you are now insulting people who have tried to help. Congratulations- you read some older posts that have nothing to do with a lame dude in his 50's who bought a 100k mile xi and wants to know how much a dealer charges for OEM shocks. Are you friggin kidding me? Dealer? OEM shocks? This is e46FANATICS. It's not called

Call the damn dealer yourself. And do me a favor- if you read any of my posts just ignore them. They weren't written to help a housewife type driver like you.
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