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Surf2Salsa - thanks for the quality input. I appreciate it very much!

Kubica - Do you feel better now? I remember when I was your age and thought I knew everything. Trust me, even when you are your father's age (like me) you will still have much to learn. I learn something every time I'm on this forum. BTW I never claimed to know much about this car and always willing to learn more. My xi is simply a commuter for me. I looked at newer xi models but didn't think it would be smart to dump a bunch of money into a car that I would put 2500 or more miles on it each month. Besides, I'm putting two sons through college. So give an older guy a break and offer something useful like Surf2Salsa. Save your 20 something attitude for your friends on facebook.

I promise to avoid all of your posts as I'm sure they won't offer me any useful info.

The trouble with many posts on this forum is that the input typically lacks enough detail for the reader to get any value from it. "I love it" doesn't tell anybody much.

May I suggest a good book:
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