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Originally Posted by TwoDuckDad View Post
yes but found most of the input useless. "I have the "abc123" setup and love it" doesn't tell me squat. Too many people post useless info on forums.
Originally Posted by TwoDuckDad View Post
Kubica - Do you feel better now?

I promise to avoid all of your posts as I'm sure they won't offer me any useful info.
Yeah I do feel better now. And I'm not here to get any life lessons from some dude with a keyboard and a BMW. The bottom line is that after supposedly reading through every xi suspension thread you have declared all the information completely useless. That's an insult to everyone on here who has actually turned a wrench and then given their opinion. Insulting your audience while asking for their help is novel approach to problem solving.

Apologies to anyone here I've given bad advice. I'd definitely like to hear about it if I have.
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