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Originally Posted by SmoKeNfLY View Post
I just found out that my car was spitting out the P0070 code, which is an Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit issue. Can anyone tell me what the part number is and where it is located so I can check whether or not I can salvage the existing part? Thanks, and oh pictures of where it is would be a GREAT help.
front left or right mud flap torn off. should be a wire hanging almost looking like a thermometer. But like mine it wont look like that itll be half of that bucause you most likely torn it off with the bumper because it sits in a perfect rip position(almost 180 set angle turned back towards the wire). I still havent fixed mine but bmw will quote 400-500. go and by the sensor for 40 and buy the mud flap for prob a 100 and get a shop to install way cheaper.
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