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You want confirmation that the hoses are correct?

Sounds like you've been a realoem...there are, iirc, two heater hoses, two engine cooling hoses...and then, two hard pipes...which I didn't replace...and I also gave up on the hose from heater valve to rear of engine...another time...she got enough out of me that trip!

Four hoses is what I have, and would guess you, of course, upper and lower rad hoses...but those are hard to miss!

Let me know if I can help...been there, done that. For lock pliers!
Gentle wiggling or you'll be buying the plastic pipes too, I suspect. Know some have sprung a leak from there...prolly should've replaced 0-rings (which I think they have), but that'll be for another time too!


Have you Mango-blogged your car yet? for current shows.
A recent set.
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