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Originally Posted by gbwindham View Post
I have a 2001 330i Sedan. I'm overhauling my heater hoses and am having a hard time verifying or identifying the three hoses I need. I already have the radiator hoses.

1) From the heater control valve to the firewall (64218376999, I think)
2) From the heater control valve to the very back of the engine (64218363198, I think)
3) From the other firewall connection to the middle of the expansion tank (64218376153, I think)
4) From the bottom of the expansion tank to the firewall (11531436410 for sure)
What's confusing is the diagram that everyone refers to (Pelican, RealOem, etc.) shows another hose, but then doesn't list the part number. What hose is that? There is no third connection on the firewall that I am aware of.

I hope to buy the aluminum water pump pulley but it is out of stock. My plastic pulley got chipped when I removed it. It was frozen on from ten years of attachment. Surprising, given that it's plastic. Couldn't budge it without a little prying, but like the rest of the plastic parts in the engine compartment, it gets brittle with age. Love my three BMWs, but hate the plastic.

Is the fancy Stewart water pump really worth two times the price of the BMW pump? Car is not raced.

I also need the pulley from the A/C tensioner. Doesn't look like the pulley is available separately from the tensioner itself. Can anyone find the pulley separately?
Oh, sorry, just noticed you have one post. engine/engine cooling/ and heating/ac is where I think you'll find your hoses...let me know if you need a hand...need month/year model car to help
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