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Originally Posted by thegetupkidme View Post
no it all happened about mid way through or so, it was an hour and a half long so maybe you missed the end half. YOu had to really be paying attention to catch the fact that the radio girl was his wife. I had to play t twice just to make sure the picture and the girl were the same people. I will say i am a little worried about the show. Its not like true blood or something where the monsters can have character development. It is sort of like watching 28 days later but having to wait a long time to see the end. This could be good or bad. Either way the first episode was very very good, and i have no doubt that i will keep watching
Oh shiit I thought it was an hour and turned it off. Watching now lol. Looks like he's driving down the road. I'll post when I'm done. Thanks
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