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Originally Posted by Jackomahn View Post
I got caught "twisting the ol' clown nose" once but that's another story. I spoke with the Sybesma folks. Really nice. They won't have the parts in for another month. My eyes don't work so well so I don't usually dim the mirror anyway but I'd like to have what I had when I bought it. I don't know if the auto dim mirror also controls other functions. Rain, key fob, bluetooth..etc,..
I was laughing when I typed that!

There sure are a lot of different mirror configurations out there. Fortunately for me, I have an older E46 without a lot of gizmos, so it was easy to find a manual mirror to match. Key fob antenna seems to only be an issue for convertibles, i.e., you can use a convertible mirror in a non-convertible, but not vice-versa. My used mirror came out of convertible.

For figuring out compatibility of all the other mirror buttons and stuff, RealOEM to the rescue!
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